• The Banshee is based on the 1st generation of the Dodge Viper RT/10 .
  • Banshee III

    GTA III Banshee

    It is narrower than its counterpart .
  • It has some specs from the 1990s american coupes .
  • The Banshee also features very pronounced fender flares, something not found on any Viper and very uncommon on American cars of its era .


  • It's a Five-speed transmission  FR layout Car , with a large engine power .
  • This power needs a tactile driving style to perform well .
  • Fishtailing and spin outs are common if moderation is not used with the throttle .
  • It's top speed is slightly above 200 KmpH. 



  • Spawns around Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale.
  • Inside Capital Autos in Harwood, Portland Island.
  • Outside Asuka Kasen's apartment in Newport, Staunton Island.
  • Kenji's Casino, Torrington, Staunton Island.
  • Parking lot west of Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale.

GTA Vice CityEdit

  • Next to a mansion with a Rockstar swimming pool on Starfish Island.
  • Under a blue building north of the Pay 'n' Spray in Washington Beach.

GTA San AndreasEdit

  • Next to the Cobra Marital Arts Gym in Garcia, San Fierro, after completion of the Driving School. The car is consistently colored navy blue with a black stripe. It also has a custom license plate, spelling "DBP".
  • In the Come-A-Lot Casino parking lot.
  • Spawns around Rodeo, Los Santos.
  • Spawns around The Strip and the Old Venturas Strip in Las Venturas.
  • Importable from the Easter Basin chalkboard for $36000 on Thursday after completion of all 3 export lists.

GTA Liberty City StoriesEdit

  • Spawns around Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale.
  • Behind the Big Shot Casino, Torrington, Staunton Island.
  • In an underground parking lot in Bedford Point, Staunton Island.
  • In the Liberty Tree offices parking lot.
  • In the Newport Multistory Car Park.


GTA III Banshee HD model

GTA Vice City Stories

  • West of the Empire Building in northern Downtown Vice City.
  • Parked in front of a mansion in the middle of Starfish Island.
  • Usually spawns on Starfish Island.


  • The Banshee HD model by One Piece found in considers the banshee is a V10 engine .

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